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Our Rates

 Jet Skis

 $45- 1/2 hr

$75- 1 hr

 Hydro Bikes (single)

$20- 1 hr


 Hydro Bikes (double)

$35- 1 hr


 Kayaks (single)

$10- 1 hr

 $40- 1 day

 Kayaks (double)

$15- 1 h

$60- 1 day

 Paddle Boards (stand-up)

$15- 1 h

$60- 1 day

 Deck Boat

$150- 1/2 day

$225- 1 day

 Center Console

$250- 1/2 day

$375- 1 day

 Sunset Cruise



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Organizations no longer needing use of spaces they have reserved are responsible for canceling their reservations in a timely manner, minimally as indicated under the Event Planning Timeline, in order to allow other groups the opportunity to use our facilities.
  • University organizations failing to cancel facility use twice during a semester will lose facility use privileges, and will be responsible for any room rentals and incurred charges, if applicable.
  • Non-university organizations or guests failing to cancel space within the timeline as indicated will be responsible for room rentals and any incurred charges. Groups will forfeit all room deposits as well.
  • A $25.00 no-show fee is charged to all groups failing to cancel their reservation.