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Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to reservation, especially if you’re taking a Boater’s License test. There are waivers and liability forms to READ and sign. We will also need sufficient time to instruct the driver and go over safety rules. If you are late you are cutting into your rental time.

Under 18 years old requires guardian/parent’s permission to drive a jet ski and 16 years old to operate one by yourself. A 15-year old can drive with an adult as a passenger.

We can provide you with a boater’s license onsite for an additional $10 fee. You must arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment time if you or anyone in your party needs to take a test.

You’ll be given a brief tutorial on how to operate the watercraft.

All of our watercrafts are registered with SEATOW (AAA on water). SEATOW is based at both ends of our 30-mile territory and is guaranteed to respond swiftly to resolve any issue concerning break downs, battery jumps, gas fill up, grounded vessels or towing vessel back to our location if necessary. We also have GPS installed in our jet skis so we’re aware of your location at all times.

The deposit is $300 and upon post rental inspection, we issue the deposit right away. If it’s a credit card it is refunded immediately but if it’s a debit card it does depend on your financial institution how quickly it gets returned to your account.

Children aged 6 and up are allowed to ride the jet skis and it’s a $10 fee per child.

You may book online or give us a call to book your appointment.

We don’t offer a last minute cancellation/refund. The cancellation would need to be done within 7 days of the booking/purchase date.

We offer a credit/reschedule option valid within 6 months of the booking date.

Fort Pierce inlet and Indian River waterways offer the most rich and pristine waterways with dolphins, manatees, fish and wildlife.

You can explore freely within the Indian River. You cannot take the jet skis to the ocean.

We do recommend protective eyewear while riding. Please wear sunscreen, proper active/swimwear and no flip flops are recommended. We provide life vests and have various sizes available.

We do offer dry boxes for personal electronics, we are not liable for any damage or loss of your personal property.

*Jetski or boat rentals are not permitted to go out to the ocean*

*We have the right to decline service to any individual under any apparent influence at any time*

*Must be able to speak English or have a translator available*

Boating FAQS

Yes, our team of captains are onsite it’s dependent upon their availability ($60 an hour fee)

Yes, you’re responsible for refueling the boat upon your return. If you fail to do this you’ll be charged a $50 fee. Our staff will direct you to the available fueling stations.

Yes, food and drink are welcome aboard.

We rent the boats in 2, 4 and 8 hour intervals.

Yes, you are responsible for any damages caused by you or your pet. Restrictions are 60 lbs., and under, no shedding and no aggressive breeds.

Dolphin Tours

Although we cannot guarantee dolphin sightings, we typically see them on each tour, it’s dependent upon the season and time of day. This area is a dolphin epicenter, they come to breed/migrate each year from the Atlantic Ocean.

One of our staff members will be accompanying you on the Dolphin Tour on either jet ski or boat to help you locate dolphin pods.

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601 Seaway Dr Ste 1, FL 34949


125 Fishermans Wharf, FL 34950


806 Indian River Dr, Slip 1, FL 32958


150 Laishley Ct, FL 33950


601 Seaway Dr Ste 1,

FL 34949


125 Fishermans Wharf,

FL 34950


806 Indian River Dr, Slip 1,

FL 32958


150 Laishley Ct,

FL 33950